Tony Reinke's Top 15 Books of 2015

2015 marks my tenth year choosing the best books of the year, and it was the most difficult of them all. Non-fiction Christian book publishing churned out a daunting amount of very good new titles, more than I’ve ever seen.
Overall, 2015 produced several strong Bible commentaries, but with a remarkably new interest in integrating biblical theology into those commentaries (as you will see). Bible production was strong again. From our Reformed circles, I’ve never seen more books on engaging political issues or speaking grace into our secularizing western culture. Books by female authors seemed to slow a little from 2014, while offerings for children seemed stronger.
What follows are all my favorite books from the year, lumped together in one list and ordered by my scientifically subjective algorithm of intuition about what books I think (1) are most unique, (2) most succeed at their aim, and (3) are most likely to endure in service to the church in the years ahead.

See his list here:

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