Why We Dedicate Our Children (Part 3)


This is post three on our reasoning behind dedicating our children in the church. If you have missed the previous posts please click (here) for part 1, and (here) for part dos. Week Three: Our Church before Us:

By laying hands on us, our Church is not only commissioning us for the mission of making disciples in our family, but offering to assist us in it.

The last chord has been strummed, the final Amen pronounced, and yet, there is still one more thing that’s about to happen that genuinely excites me: the children get out of nursery. Like a soccer player who scored the winning goal with only seconds left on the clock, one child leads the pack, exploding through the doors with the rest of the team shortly behind him/her.

As we commence the tear down of chairs and stage, I usually find myself wrapping up XLR’s and instrument cables while looking out to see our Church family communing. Amongst the madness I spot one of my daughter leading a charge toward a potentially dangerous situation, and as quickly as the thought pops into her head, I see someone say to her, “Emma, no!” I cannot express to you how much I love that. Why? Because I know that the member who stopped her from getting hurt, even potentially, did so because they love her.

You want to know a little secret? If you want to show someone how much you care for them, love on their children. I think that’s why God has charged us, His people, to be known by our love for one another (John 13:35). By loving each other sacrificially, we not only show the outside world that we are marked by something greater than secular humanism, but we show the Lord how much we love Him by caring for His bride.

All this to say, when our Church family stands before us, as we have made our vows to the Lord in front of them, they say with their words and actions that they will help us to fulfill our vow to the Lord by loving on our children.

They can show their love for our children by:

    • Caring for and protecting our kids as one of their own.
    • Showing our kids Godliness in their words and example.
    • Taking a personal interest in the spiritual well-being of our kids.
    • Giving honest and fair reports of any infractions our little angels may have committed; a testimony we will trust and will discipline accordingly.
    • Interceding on behalf of our children.

This concludes the mini-series of blogs on why we decided to dedicate our children to the Lord. Again, we will be dedicating Lewis, our second child, on Sunday, June 24th, 5:30 PM at The Vineyard. We would love it if you would join us for this special occasion. If you would like directions, please click (here).