Jesus the Divider


An excerpt from my sermon on Mark 3:22-30: Jesus the Divider Jesus’s teachings are meant to divide and separate for the purpose of eliciting a response; and there are only two responses to the Gospel call: repent or reject. That is it

Jesus's teachings were meant to divide. But not just His teachings, He has been dividing and separating things into order since Genesis 1:

He divides/separates:

  • Heaven from Earth
  • Light from Darkness
  • Day from Night
  • Water from Dry Land
  • Creatures, according to their own kind
  • EVERY plant and tree from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.
  • Man from Woman

Our God, creator of the cosmos (Greek word for order, not the opposite which is chaos) has willfully and thoughtfully separated and divided everything to function according to its own kind, but we refuse to accept His terms! We compromise and flock to the middle.

Maybe those obscure OT laws that people are so fond of bringing up–about not planting two seeds in the same field or how it is unlawful for a man to wear a woman’s clothes– aren't as arbitrary as some would suggest, but are, instead, a testimony to the fact that since the beginning, God has separated and divided and we continually flock to the middle. 

If you don't believe me, see: