The Difficulty of Sharing the Gospel With Your Children

We tried to do an Advent devotional with the kids tonight [Em (3), Lew (1)]. Unfortunately, it was WAY over their heads. It would have been easy to give into frustration and wait for next year, in hopes they would then understand. But the truth is, apart from the work of the Holy Spirit in their hearts, they can never understand, no matter how old. So we prayed for wisdom, asked God to bless our efforts, and we improvised by contextualizing the message in order to accommodate them. It went something like this:

Adam and Eve didn’t listen to God. That's sin. Sin is when we don't listen to God. Because they sinned, they deserved a BIG spanking. Now, we all deserve BIG spankings too (even Mommy and Daddy)! But God, because He loves us all, promised to send His Son, Jesus, to take the spanking for them (and us). All they had to do was trust God and wait for Jesus to come.

Waiting is really hard, especially when the One you are waiting for is coming to save the WHOLE world! I want you guys to experience what it was like for them to wait like that. Here are two pieces of candy. You can have one tonight, but you will have to wait until tomorrow before you can eat the other one. That feeling you just had, the one that made you beg, that's what Adam's children felt for a LONG time. But God always tells the truth. He said He would send His Son, and He did. That's what we do when we celebrate Christmas; we celebrate the coming of God's Son. Tonight, we celebrate by waiting.

If we can't muster the courage or words to share the gospel with our children, whom we love, we will never share it with others.

FamilyDavid Kakish