Natural as Normal?

I've heard the rhetorical question lobbied, "When did you choose to be straight?" as a means to show that if an attraction comes about naturally, it must be normal. If it’s normal, it must be accepted. However, we would never condone or encourage people who express a growing sexual appetite for the adolescent. As a whole, I would hope, we would chastise them for such perversity, encourage them to seek counseling, and demand that they refrain from acting on these inclinations, regardless of the ostensible interest level of their counterparts. At one point, this was the same reaction given to people who expressed same-sex attraction. Such a response is now viewed as intolerant, hateful, and bigoted. Any arguments given, whether theological, anthropological, or sociological, are labelled homophobic.

If natural is normal, then why doesn’t the same rule apply for those who experience pedophilic attraction?

What right do you have to tell someone to control their instinctual and involuntary attractions? With shame you not only push them into a proverbial closet, but lock the door with the threat that if they come out they will be the ire of the public and will also be locked in actual closet-like quarters. What gives you the moral authority to label someone's inclination as “sinful”?  We 'ALL' know that sin is a social construction invented to control the behavior of the masses with guilt, shame, and fear of punishment.

Furthermore, do you even know a pedophile? All of your derogatory thoughts are built on stereotypes, horror stories on the news, and hearsay. From an article this week out of England: “'The public,’ wrote Dr Taylor, ‘generally thinks of paedophiles as sick or evil men who lurk around school playgrounds in the hope of attempting unspecified beastliness with unsuspecting innocent children.’ That, he reassured readers, was merely a ‘stereotype’, both ‘inaccurate and unhelpful’, which flew in the face of the ‘empirical realities of paedophile behavior.’”

Why not give this growing population of pedophiles a mediatorial character to serve as comic relief on a popular sitcom? One character could ask, “Why do you like twenty-eight year olds?” The pedophile could answer, “Because there are twenty of them!” [Cue laugh track]. Love is love, right? I thought you were for equality? Unless, in actuality, the message you propagate is for equality* (*some exclusions apply). Don’t be caught on the wrong side of history…

^This doesn’t feel good, does it? It’s like a pit bull who will not slacken his bite unless you kill him. The “tolerance chainsaw”, as Douglas Wilson has affectionately referred to it, is coming for us all. Everything is permissible except for dissent.

I'm not drawing a one for one parallel between the practice of homosexuality and pedophilia: the former involves the sexual engagement of two consenting adults, the latter, an adult and a minor. I am, however, drawing a parallel between same-sex attraction and pedophilic/hebephilic attraction. Can/should a person be shamed, condemned, censured, and corrected for experiencing a naturally occurring attraction?

My point being, we all have a line. As a Bible-believing Christian I have the distinct privilege of having my line infallibly drawn for me by the Creator God. Who drew yours?