How To Use Logos To Search Your Seminary Notes

I take great notes. There, I said it. I do. I take especially good notes when a professor provides me with an outline. Not only this, I often email other professors and ask them for digital copies of their structured notes. Because I have all of these quality notes I often want to reference them. The problem is, when I want to access my notes it feels like I am on the hunt for Carmen Sandiego. Let’s say I want to access my notes from Dr. Wellum’s ST II class. This is how that typically rolls out:

  1. I find my documents folder.
  2. I look for my folder of classes taken at SBTS.
  3. I click on that folder where I am inundated by subfolders of semester and year.
  4. I guess and check on semester and year until I find “Wellum ST II”
  5. Once I finally find that file I can search for a particular word.

Mission accomplished!

But what if I want to see another set of corresponding notes? Back to step 1.

Is there an easier way? If you have Logos there is.

If you save your notes as a “.docx” you can build it into a book. Not only does it retain your formatting (usually), it also turns all biblical references into hyperlinks. If you are as meticulous as I am, before importing your notes you can go to your section headings and change them in Word to ‘Styles Heading 1’. When you do this, Logos will automatically format a table of contents for you: giving you the ability to hop between topic headings with one click.

How to Build the Book 

  1. Go to Tools > Personal Books
  2. Click Add book
  3. Enter Title
  4. Enter Author (optional)
  5. Enter Copyright message and Description (optional)
  6. Optionally add a cover image.
  7. Click Add file... and select the .docx file from your hard disk. You can add multiple .docx files to make up a book and use “drag&drop” to reorder them (right-click a file to remove it).
  8. Click Build book

After the book is built (aka “compiled”) it should automatically open in a tab and begin Indexing. Pretty cool, huh? We’re not done yet. Now that you have turned your notes into books you can organize them into collections. That way when you search for a term, phrase, reference, etc., you can search within the scope of your personal notes.

How to Make a collection

  1. Go to Tools > Collections
  2. Click “New” in the collection pane. (Getting into this habit will prevent you from accidentally changing a collection you already made.)
  3. Search for the title of your newly created note.
  4. Drag that file into the quadrant “+ Plus these resources”

All you have do from here is adjust the scope of your search and you’re good to go! This is a very basic feature of Logos that sadly many owners do not utilize.

How to Adjust the Scope of Search

You can adjust the scope of your search by Collection.

  1. Click on "Entire Library" to change collections.
  2. Select your the collection that contains the notes.