QOTD: Charles Spurgeon's Impulses

Our ordinary guides are right reason and the Word of God, and we may never act contrary to these, but still we accept it as a matter of faith and experience to us that on exceptional occasions, special interpositions do come to our aid, so that our steps are ordered of the Lord and made to subserve his glory.[1]

Earlier on in the same essay he writes:

Our personal pathway has been so frequently directed contrary to our own design and beyond our own conception by singularly powerful impulses, and irresistibly suggestive providences, that it were wanton wickedness for us to deride the doctrine that God occasionally grants to his servants a special and perceptible manifestation of his will for their guidance, over and above the strengthening energies of the Holy Spirit, and the sacred teaching of the inspired Word. We are not likely to adopt the peculiarities of the Quakers, but in this respect we are heartily agreed with them.

  1. From the October 1865 edition of Sword and Trowel, “Two Episodes in my Life,” emphasis added. The article can be read in its entirety here.  ↩

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