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Church 2.0?

The anthem of my generation is a distaste for all things traditional and a proclivity for all things novel. Because of this, it's no coincidence that the church models burgeoning amongst Millennials are ones that are predicated on cynicism and dissatisfaction with the norm. They ring the bells of change with promises of something “different", even though in actuality they offer a mere repackaging of the status quo. They no longer want to be recognized as churches. Instead, they are reincarnated as gatherings, fellowships, communities, or whatever the latest buzzword is. They use guitars instead of organs, houses instead of buildings, ripped jeans instead of slacks, agape feasts instead of communion, gospel communities instead of Sunday school, and incarnational ministry instead of evangelism explosion.

A day will soon dawn when you realize that lights, pumps, and squeaky toys on sneakers were just a ploy by a clever parent to get their kids excited about keeping their shoes on. That's how I feel about all of this rabble-rousing under the guise pietism and reformation. As long as there is no dilution of the gospel or compromise on the authority of Scripture, I’m glad to see Millennials incorporating themselves into a body of believers (formerly known as the church). I really am. This is simply a PSA to spread the word that there is nothing new under the sun...